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(O3) Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

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Illustration for the cover of the book 
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens 
by Arthur Rackham

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens is a novel published in 1906, was written especially for children by the Scottish playwright James M. Barrie. This novel is one of the four most important works of the author and that gave rise to the famous character of Peter Pan.

Before writing the novel in 1904, Barrie wrote a play called Peter Pan, the boy who would not grow; it is a different story but retains the style and the character concepts that had developed in The little White Bird and Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens. Later, the author wrote another play called Peter Pan and Wendy and published the story known just as Peter Pan.

Illustration for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by Arthur Rackham

The original version of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens was illustrated by the creative and English illustrator Arthur Rackham, a part of Peter Pan the artist gave life to many other characters through his artwork, included in  his most famous works are the Tales of the Grimm Brothers (1900), Rip Van Winkle (1905) and Alice in Wonderland (1907), among others. He also did illustrations for books for adult readers, such as The Dream of a Summer Night (1908), Undine (1909), The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie (1911) and other books of fairy tales, and created images based on Edgar Allan Poe’s stories.

Rackham's work has contributed and embellished the "golden age" of illustration that lasts well into today. To read more about the art work of Arthur Rackham I suggest referring to the book by Leo John De Freitas Arthur Rackham.

Illustration for Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by Arthur Rackham

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