By Estela Agudelo


Winner Academy Arward for Best Short Film (animation), 2011.
Winner for best short animation, Inside Film Awards, Sydney, 2010.
Winner DENDY Awards for Australian Short Films, Sydney Film Festival, 2010.
Yoram Gross Animation Award Winner, Sydney Film Festival, 2010.
ANNECY Festival Mifa 2010, crystal du court métrage.
AFI Award Best Short Film, 2010.
Winner Melbourn International Film Festival, 2010.

I saw The Lost Thing for first time several years ago. At that time it existed only as a book by the Australian author and illustrator Shaun Tan. At that time I thought of the delight that the story could ever be in motion. Well, it seems that I was not the only one who dreamed about it! This story that started out as a picture book was brought to the big screen and has just won for Best Short Animation Film in the 83rd Academy Awards.

I have to say that illustration art has not an important role in Colombia’s contemporary arts. I think this is the moment to start to consider illustration as a serious part of our contemporary art expressions. We have very talented artists who have been waiting so long for it. It should be more calls for exhibitions of illustration. Film festivals around the world and recently founded museums devoted exclusively to the art created for picture books prove it.

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